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Tremendous Towers

Adorned with fairytale turrets and romantic rooftops offering sweeping views, a restorative break in a tower promises to be an unforgettable holiday. Nestled in rural landscapes and perched on the edge of towns and villages, we have 18 towers from two to six stories high, built across different periods in history and varying in architectural design.

We’ve rounded up seven of these extraordinary buildings, each ready to elevate your holiday to the next level.

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A writer's paradise

In the realm of writing, inspiration can spring from unexpected places and life's challenging moments. For writer Cath Holland whose husband died of bowel cancer in 2019, grief was such an assault on her both physically and emotionally that her own creativity and imagination was stunted. Her personal story was too painful to write about. It was on a 50 For Free stay at The White House in Shropshire that Cath found the space and solace to write a new short story.

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Winter breaks in Landmarks

Explore the magic of a wintry Landmark break, the promise of roaring fires, frosty walks and festive celebrations to enjoy in the surrounding areas.

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Watch our latest video

Our new video celebrates gathering loved ones and together exploring new places. Landmarks have stood witness from 1250 through to the present day and your holiday booking ensures precious places will survive forevermore. 

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Landmark Gems

Our staff on the places they love.

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12 special things about Landmark

We have collated a series of items that evoke the Landmark experience and will be sharing them over the next few weeks.

Let us know if we have missed any!

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