See Landmarks blooming in spring and book for any season

As we bide our time until Landmarks can once again welcome guests, early signs of spring are beginning to unfold. Soon our landscapes from Suffolk to Snowdonia will be blooming with cheer. As we look forward to those lighter and brighter days, here are a handful of much-treasured spring scenes.

Cavendish Hall

Early each February, the grounds of Cavendish Hall – our Regency manor house in Suffolk - brim with snowdrops and aconites.


Cavendish Hall, Suffolk, in the Spring


Cobham Dairy

At Cobham Dairy in Kent, each March see daffodils scattering the nearby lawns and by April bluebells line the woodland tracks.


Cobham Dairy, Kent, in the Spring


Obriss Farm

Set in ancient woodland on the slopes of Toys Hill and looking south over the Weald, Obriss Farm’s rich landscape comes to life with the budding of the oak trees. 


Aerial view of Obriss Farm in Kent surrounded by woodland


Fox Hall

Fox Hall sits nestled down a narrow Sussex lane, lined with pink hawthorn through April and May. In nearby stretches of woodlands, you’ll find wild garlic too.


Fox Hall, Suffolk, in the Spring



April in the garden at Dolbelydr sees a variety of fruit trees bloom, one of which was planted by our patron HRH The Prince of Wales on a visit in 2004.


Dolbelydr, Denbighshire, in the Spring


Tangy Mill

Situated on the Tangy Burn, 19th-century Tangy Mill stands in beautiful, remote surroundings. The fertile landscape changes with the seasons, by late May including frothing, effervescent cow parsley.


Tangy Mill in Scotland, surrounded by cow parsley



Lundy was the UK’s first-ever Marine Conservation Zone and is a Special Area of Conservation, plus a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The island’s diverse habitats support rare species of birds, insects, marine life and plants – each spring sees hundreds of precious buds bloom across the island, including the yellow Lundy Cabbage, endemic to the island.


Lundy's wildflowers overlooking the cliff edge