Gifts of property

If you donate land or buildings to Landmark you can now get tax relief.


Tax relief on donated land and property

Similar, to making a gift of shares, donors of land or property are entitled to claim tax relief for the full market value of the land or property donated. Tax relief applies providing that the whole interest is donated, and the Landmark Trust agrees to accept it.

We always advise you seek professional legal and financial advice as your advisors will be able to provide the appropriate guidance to suit your particular circumstances.

Further information about tax relief is available from the website: HMRC

Bequests of property through a gift in your will could also help with inheritance tax planning on your Estate. Please contact Linda Millard, Development Manager 01628 512122 to discuss your plans or to check that Landmark will be able to accept your gift.

Make a gift of property

We will always work with prospective donors, both to understand their wishes and intentions and to explain our approach with such important matters. Each building is considered on a case-by-case basis, and many factors influence our decision. Some owners prefer their homes to continue to serve the community, so a permanent long-term tenant is the best solution.

Other influences include the historical value or architectural interest of the building, the setting, whether we have similar examples already, resources, state of the property and potential funds available.

Some buildings pass to us during the donor’s lifetime. We work closely with them and their advisors to ensure we can fulfil their expectations.



The Reader’s House, Ludlow

Two Landmarkers, Richard Grigson and Alan Layng, talk about the Reader's House, a 17th-century house in Ludlow that they intend to generously leave in their wills to Landmark.

Click here to discover more about the building and why they are leaving it to us.

Landmark Legacy Estate

The Landmark Legacy Estate is a collection of approximately 50 buildings, ranging from historic estate cottages to modern flats and shops. Many of them have been given to us through a gift in a will.

These well-loved buildings have passed into our stewardship in the knowledge that we can be relied upon to care for them, and many continue to fulfil their role as part of the local community. We manage them as tenanted property providing reliable and valuable income.