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Patrons have the opportunity to enjoy a close and special relationship with Landmark and our work, meeting the people involved and getting behind the scenes.

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In appreciation of your generous support, we are pleased to offer you:

  • Invitations to events held online and around the country organised exclusively for Landmark Patrons and their guests
  • Early booking privileges that include a period of exclusive access to forward bookings, including new landmarks. 
  • An opportunity to meet our Director at her annual lunch for Patrons, to be the first to hear of our future plans, and to feedback your thoughts on our work

  • Bespoke updates about Landmark’s activities

  • A complimentary copy of each new edition of The Landmark Trust Handbook and calendar

  • Acknowledgement as a Patron supporter e.g. on our website, in our Annual Accounts, and Impact Review (unless you wish to remain anonymous)
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Landmark Director Anna Keay, stands at a drystone wall looking out into the distance.

A message from our Director

“As Landmark’s Director I am acutely aware of the importance of our Patrons.  

I love meeting Patrons each year at our annual lunch and hearing their views on our plans and the future of the charity. The committed support of this group of donors is the lifeblood of Landmark, and we quite simply couldn’t go on rescuing buildings without them. Thanks to their invaluable philanthropic support, Landmark is able to take on new challenges every year. 

I therefore hope you will consider supporting Landmark as a Patron and I look forward to welcoming you to the scheme.” 

Dr Anna Keay OBE, Director

 Donate and become a Patron

Your support as a Patron includes a benefits value (the estimated cost plus VAT of delivering your Patron benefits). These benefits can be purchased separately at the same cost, and any amount given over and above the benefits value is given freely as a donation to our work. The donation does not carry a VAT charge, and is eligible for Gift Aid. We are especially grateful to all those Patrons who choose to give this voluntary donation to support our work.

The benefits value vs voluntary donation splits are as follows:
Individual Patronage: Donation £875+ / Benefits £125 inc. VAT (£871+/£125 by Direct Debit).
Joint Patronage: Donation £1,250+ / Benefits £250 inc. VAT (£1,250+/£250 by Direct Debit).
Life Individual Patronage: Donation £8,750+ / Benefits £1,250 inc. VAT.
Life Joint Patronage: Donation £12,500+ / Benefits £2,500 inc. VAT.

To discuss purchasing benefits separately please contact the Development Office on 01628 512140.


'When I was growing up my parents had a copy of the Landmark Trust handbook, and I became fascinated by the preservation of these ancient buildings that had been put to good use once again. I was absorbed by the photographs and the floor plans - the book was a treasure in itself - and excited that the stories of these remarkable places were being told anew. British heritage has played a part in my own career and I'm a passionate advocate of it. Being a Patron is a wonderful way to be associated with the extraordinary work that the Trust does to save these historic treasures for all time.'

Gareth Neame OBE 

“We’ve so enjoyed staying in Landmarks and they have provided some truly memorable holidays. Becoming Patrons has been great and has given us a deeper understanding of and chance to support the wonderful work that the charity does! Visits to works in progress and potential new Landmarks are exciting and provide a great chance to meet and talk to the team.”

Alan Baker and Susan Darling

“My wife and I have followed the development of Landmark for a long time, admiring their work and believing in their ethos.  When I retired I wanted to contribute so I became a Patron. We like the investigations into the history of each building and the adherence to this history when undertaking their renovations. Unlike other similar trusts their buildings are returned to everyday use for the public to enjoy on their holidays.

We enjoy meeting the Landmark professionals involved in the projects and seeing first-hand the extensive work of the specialists employed. If you are interested in architecture, building restoration and saving heritage at risk, then being a Patron of the Landmark Trust is a unique and rewarding way to support its work.”

Philip Morris

I love being a Patron of The Landmark Trust. They make me feel part of the inside team. If you have a passion for saving important buildings at risk and want the chance of a close up look at the work in progress and be included in the plans for the future, join the Patrons. The Landmark team will warmly welcome you.

John Hastings-Bass

I love being a Patron of Landmark, they are excellent at keeping me in touch with new and old projects. Their Patrons outings are really well organised and extremely worthwhile.


There is a degree of self-interest in becoming a patron as for a relatively modest sum of money one can assist not only in preserving and recovering valued quirky ancient buildings but also to do so in a way that ordinary people can have an opportunity enjoying staying in such buildings: including of course oneself as a patron. I feel that my financial support helps spread access of the enjoyment of those less able to initially contemplate staying in such buildings.

It is also an endorsement that such buildings are not merely museums to be gawped at but actually living bricks, stones and mortar that must pay their way in a modern world. To be a part of that, however small, is a privilege.

Being a patron not only affirms support for the principles behind Landmark Trust but also for the detailed selection of buildings the trust seeks to support.

Ian Murray