Landmark Gems

Our staff tell us more about the Landmark places they love

Kasia Howard

Engagement Manager

"Queen Anne’s Summerhouse was my first project for Landmark back in 2008 and it still holds a special place in my imagination.

"During the conservation and restoration work we invited local school children to the site. We began each visit with a nature walk through the historic woodland that surrounds the building, then met the craftspeople who were busy working on the project.

"It is always a privilege to experience one of our buildings through the eyes of others, and children have a sense of wonder and humour, that cannot fail to enthuse you. They adored exploring this magical place, deep in ferns and foxgloves, surrounded by pine, birch and oak trees."

Pat Lloyd and Haidee Butler-Rubbino

Housekeepers at 13 Princelet Street

Pat: "I’ve lived round the corner from Princelet Street for 38 years. Thanks to an excellent history teacher at school, I have a great interest in the past. The house was built in 1719 and in my 17 years as housekeeper I’ve often wondered what tales it would tell if walls could talk ..."

Haidee: "It has been an ambition of mine to work at Landmark. The experience when you arrive, turn the key in the lock, open the door and discover an incredible building - and then get to actually live in it for a few days - is really special. I get such a thrill from that, I hope our guests do too."

Ed Donohue

Manager of Crownhill Fort

"When I arrive at work I go through the entrance tunnel and it feels like I am transported into a different world, one of peace and tranquillity in the heart of the city. Crownhill Fort is so easy to get to yet so far removed; standing on the Parade Ground it is hard to imagine that there is a city of 300,000 people just beyond the walls."