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Stories of great courage

One of the true privileges to come from our latest appeal to rescue RAF Ibsley Watch Office in Hampshire has been the sharing of wartime memories by our supporters. Our hope to save this important fragment of wartime history and remember the brave people who once worked and flew here has undoubtedly struck a chord. This is history still just within reach for so many of us. 

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2025 booking release

Bookings for 2025 are now open. If you have an occasion to celebrate, a holiday to arrange or just a treat to give yourselves, then now is the time to plan ahead.

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Environmental Sustainability Q&A

We believe heritage is part of the solution to the extraordinary challenges of climate change and are committed to continuing to play our part in tackling them. We spoke to our Environmental Sustainability Manager, Alice Ogilvie to find out more about what Landmark is doing to support the fight against climate change.

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Sackville House wins a Sussex Heritage Trust Award

Following the successful completion of a 15-month restoration at Sackville House, the project was entered into the Sussex Heritage Trust Awards under the category '2023 Small Scale Residential' and won the award.

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Which? Awards 2023

We’re proud to be a runner up in the 2023 Which? Travel Brand of the Year award. Nominated for being the only UK holiday accommodation provider to get five stars for absolutely everything in their recent survey, as well as a 92% customer score.

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Wild Isles

Lundy's spectacular and often rare marine life was featured in a special documentary inspired by BBC's Wild Isles. Fifty years ago, the island’s surrounding waters became Britain’s first Voluntary Marine Nature Reserve, and in 2003, Britain’s first No Take Zone was established on the east side of the island. The programme is available to view on BBC iPlayer and explores the success of these initiatives.

The episode features Andrew Bengey from Lundy Diving, talking about the astonishing richness of the underwater natural world around Lundy, thanks to its special designation as a Marine Protected Area.

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Saving Fairburn Tower

As Fairburn Tower's magnificent restoration is complete, Landmark's Director, Dr Anna Keay, looks back at the very first visit to a crumbling Fairburn in ruin.

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Watch our latest video

Our new video celebrates gathering loved ones and together exploring new places. Landmarks have stood witness from 1250 through to the present day and your holiday booking ensures precious places will survive forevermore. 

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Birdwatching on Lundy

In a look through the binoculars at some of Lundy's magnificent birdlife, we were delighted to welcome David Lindo, also known as the Urban Birder, to Lundy earlier this autumn. An Ambassador for the island, David has shared reflections and photographs from the visit in a new blog. 

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Culture Recovery Fund unlocks vital repairs

After the months of uncertainty following closures due to Covid, we were delighted to receive support thanks to the Culture Recovery Fund designed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Two major grants administered by Historic England enabled critical work at Landmarks across England.

The projects that benefitted

Trees a Crowd on Lundy

New podcast and blog celebrate the island

We’re delighted to share a special Trees a Crowd podcast episode dedicated to Lundy. Regularly the top-rated nature podcast, Trees a Crowd celebrates the beauty and inspiration of our environment through informal conversations with artists, scientists and enthusiasts.

In this episode, recorded in spring 2022, host David Oakes meets island warden Rosie Ellis and assistant warden Stuart Cossey, together exploring the island, its endemic species and remarkable wildlife.

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A weekend at Langley Gatehouse by Nandini Das

‘Sturdy Jacobean brick and stone and timber of the gatehouse have persisted stubbornly’

Nandini Das, Professor of Early Modern English Literature and Culture, is fresh from a break at Langley Gatehouse. She has penned a blog in response, noting the ‘recent conversations across space and time in the carefully preserved visitors’ logbooks... Their thick, creamy pages are full of handwritten notes of people who have stayed here before us. Moments are captured in their lines just as they are in every groove and hollow of the building.’

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The impact of your holiday

Every break safeguards precious places

With each holiday booking, we can thatch and plaster. We can gild, grain and harl, reapply limewash, repoint and redecorate. Here we highlight a handful of recent maintenance works, each renewing and revitalising precious places.

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