Landmark Futures - applications for 2017-18 academic year now closed

A new scheme that offers free stays in Landmark Trust buildings to higher education institutions and other qualifying organisations.

We want time spent in our beautiful historic places and natural landscapes to enable ‘light bulb’ moments across the field of human activity, both collaboratively within a study field and also for individual students. The scheme looks to 'futures' in the widest sense: to the future of particular disciplines, of each participating individual – and to Landmark’s own future, as we introduce a mostly younger audience to the experience of staying in our buildings.

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The beneficiaries of free study stays in the 2017-18 academic year are:

Anglia Ruskin University, Global Sustainability Institute, staying at Cavendish Hall, Suffolk 

Dispersed researchers studying sustainability plan a writing retreat where all attendees will write at least one publication.

Aston University, Department of Life and Health Sciences, staying at Wortham Manor, Devon

A group of Postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, professors and undergraduates studying developmental neuroscience plan a writing retreat on the long-term effects of injuries for children’s brain development, focusing on their own individual research and planning a joint approach to measure the impact of their research.

Bournemouth University, Department of Archaeology, Anthropology and Forensic Science, staying at Woodsford Castle, Dorset

PhD research students will build a curriculum for Fess, their new community engagement project to benefit young people from deprived local areas to engage with heritage.

The Glasgow School of Art, Open Studio and Widening Participation Department, staying at Saddell House, Kintyre, Argyll and Bute

The GSA will host a residential programme for a group of senior phase secondary school students with potential to study architecture but who face various barriers to university entry.  Pupils will work on a range of briefs, encouraging them to engage with their surroundings and investigate the role of architects in creating the built environment.

Imperial College, London, Department of Life Sciences, staying at Wortham Manor, Devon

PhD and Postdoctoral students from the Forest Ecology and Conservation Group will work on a joint research article on deforestation in the tropics.

University of Liverpool, Go Higher (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Department) staying at Cavendish Hall, Suffolk

Mature students lacking traditional entry qualifications but wishing to embark upon undergraduate study will participate in a taught study weekend examining the history of the domestic interior and its relationship to the public world, focusing specifically on the writing of Suffolk poet George Crabbe. 

University of Manchester, Institute for Cultural Practices, staying at Howthwaite, Cumbria

Group of PhD researchers from University of Manchester, University of Leeds, Queen’s University Belfast and Queen Margaret University will hold a writing workshop to begin disseminating their research on devolution and its impact on the arts, culture and heritage.

Queen Margaret University, Department of Media, Communication and Performing Arts Department, staying at No.2 Shore Cottages, Caithness

MA Arts Management in Practice students will explore rural Scottish cultural organisations; visiting Timespan, Northlands Creative and local studios. They will experience the creativity taking place outside of urban contexts and examine the realities of how to manage these organisations, giving them a fuller understanding of the field.

The Catholic University of Paris, Department of Philosophy, staying at Sant’ Antonio, Tivoli

An interdisciplinary research group from the Catholic University of Paris and University of Oxford will hold a research seminar on ‘The Idea of Europe: Transformations and Preservations’, based on the writings of Stefan Zweig.

University of Sussex, Genome Damage and Stability Centre, staying at Goddards, Surrey

Group of postdoctoral research fellows will collate data from dispersed labs and plan future collaborative articles concerning cancer research.

Swansea University, Department of History, staying at Sant’ Antonio, Tivoli

MA Heritage students will examine Italian approaches to heritage preservation, visiting Villa Adriana, Temple of Sibyl, Villa d’Este and nearby churches. This practical knowledge of international heritage will inform their proposals for ‘Interpretation of the local past’. 

Feedback from our 2017 pilot Futures beneficiaries