Lundy's Marine Protected Area is one of the prime diving sites in the British Isles with spectacularly clear waters, a diversity of marine life and many wrecks to explore. To date, over 200 ships foundering on Lundy have been recorded, ten of which are recognised dive sites. The island has its own compressor to supply air and changing facilities for divers which are available to groups who book in advance with the island warden.

Please download our Dive Lundy Information Booklet (below) for everything you need to know about diving responsibly around Lundy.

Washed by the Gulf Stream, Lundy has some of the richest marine life to be found outside the tropics. As many as 2,500 creatures can be found in a single square metre of seabed and it is the only place where all five types of British cup coral can be found. In 1986 it was designated the first statutory Marine Nature Reserve and in 2010 the first Marine Conservation Zone in Britain. For the non-divers who want to try snorkelling, the Warden leads sessions during the summer (please see the Snorkel Safari page for further information).

🗎 Dive Lundy Information Booklet