Marisco Tavern - as a restaurant

As a Restaurant

Despite the Tavern’s monopoly position as Lundy’s only restaurant it doesn’t rest on its laurels.  It offers a comprehensive range of quality food, at prices which even on the mainland would be considered competitive.

In its previous incarnations, during the Heaven and Harman families ownerships, this was a drinker’s pub where you might get a bit of bread and cheese if you were lucky, along with snacky delicacies such as pickled gulls eggs - at one shilling per portion.

The Tavern is still very much a traditional pub but in keeping with modern trends it now seeks to satisfy even the most sophisticated of culinary tastes.  The emphasis on the cooking is informal simplicity, using the Island’s own superb produce.  With our own selectively-bred lamb, rare-breed pigs, plus the wild Sika deer, Soay sheep, goats and rabbits, we are pretty much self-sufficient in carnivorous delights.  

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every day.  Breakfast always includes our own pork sausages.  Lunch highlights our lamb, as home-made burgers and pasties, the latter made for us by a small Bideford bakery.  At dinner we have a blackboard with starters and main courses devoted exclusively to Island fare.  All the evening offerings are cooked in-house, including a selection of luscious desserts, and we even have a separate blackboard of vegetarian specialities – but not including Lundy Cabbage, which is regarded as inedible by humans.