Marisco Tavern - as a bar

Although the Tavern has seen many changes over the years there is still a timelessness to it.

The pub has been modernised and extended.  It no longer shares its space with the village shop. The customers too have changed.  Under the stewardship of the Landmark Trust the Island attracts a far more inclusive cross-section of society and is no-longer the “rich man’s playground” that is has been in its past.  Even the barman has kept up with the times.

What hasn’t changed is the convivial atmosphere, nor the sense of other-worldliness. The Tavern retains its roots as a traditional pub.  It prides itself on its selection of locally-brewed ales (unfortunately we no longer have our own Island brewery), an eclectic selection of distilled liquors from around the world, a wine list to suit all palates (and wallets) along with all the other more commonplace stuff you’d expect from any decent public house.

The Island-feel is retained by the decorative use of the historic flotsam and jetsam rescued from the many wrecks and previous supply ships.  There is no juke-box, no fruit machine and no television, nothing to distract from the age-old pleasures of human communication – the ban on the use of modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and laptop computers is rigorously enforced.

Instead travelling musicians are always welcome (acoustic only please) and the order of the day is social interaction, lubricated of course by the aforementioned range of beverages.