Island facilities

Whether you are planning your first visit to Lundy, or your fiftieth, we want you to enjoy every minute of your stay – and we will do everything we can to make sure you do.


It is difficult to pin down why the island has such an effect on people however what is noticeable is the visitors’ enthusiasm; whatever they are doing, they really enjoy it!

You can come to Lundy throughout the year, however the main dive season runs from May to September. There are 23 self-catering properties and a camp site to choose from during your stay allowing all budgets the opportunity to experience this remote and tranquil isle. Occasionally it may be possible at late notice (two weeks before departure) to book a property on a bed and breakfast basis.  Supplies are available from the island’s shop or, for those not wanting to cook, the Marisco Tavern provides an extensive, and tasty, menu throughout the day alongside a wide range of beverages.

Where to stay

Lundy offers an extraordinary range of buildings in which to stay, from a 13th century castle, a late Georgian gentlemen’s villa and a lighthouse to the admiralty lookout and fishermen’s chalet. Most of the island’s buildings are constructed from the island’s beautiful light-coloured granite and are furnished in a typical landmark style for comfort and practicality.

All properties have heating and some open fires and stoves as well. Each property has baths or showers, running hot and cold water, mains drainage and gas and electricity, apart from Tibbetts (the admiralty lookout) which is gas only. Bedding and towels are provided and included in the price of the property. As with all landmarks, there are no telephones in the properties, however a pay phone is available in the Marisco Tavern and some mobile phone networks have some coverage across the island.

As Lundy is not connected to the national grid, it has its own electricity generator which is normally turned off at midnight until dawn. Visitors who like a late stroll, or long chats in the Tavern should remember to bring a torch.

The Barn and Millcombe House  are popular with visiting dive groups, along with camping, as they are the most suitable for larger groups. The Barn  is constructed of granite and converted to a threshing house when the round house was added. This provided a circular walk for a horse or donkey, harnessed to a gin to provide power for the machinery in the adjacent threshing room. It is now a property for 14 people, lined throughout with varnished wood, with six sleeping in the round house and eight in the gallery which possesses one of the best views of the island. Millcombe House  is built in plain classical style in 1835 for the Heaven family and looks down a wooded valley and out to east. As possibly the most elegant building on the island, it is popular with groups up to 12 people.

For details of all the accommodation available on Lundy and to book please click here.

Marisco Tavern

The Marisco Tavern is the hub of island life, a wonderfully atmospheric place which conveys the rich interest of the island, with a good selection of beers and wine. When available, island produce such as Lundy lamb and venison are used in dishes prepared and served in the Tavern. The menu, like everything else on the island, has a special Lundy flavour.

You will find that the Tavern offers an imaginative choice including vegetarian dishes. The price span is deliberately wide, so that is visitors do not want to cook, they can eat out every night at a reasonable cost or they can splash out on a special meal as a celebration.

The Tavern is open at all hours. Breakfast, morning coffee, snacks, lunch, tea and dinner are served (packed lunches are also available on request). People drop in to find out what activities are planned, to have a chat with the islanders or Warden, to check the information board for weather forecasts and tide times, or to make an entry into one of the Lundy logs, particularly the Marine Log for divers.

Find out more about the Marisco Tavern.

The island shop

Lundy tried to cater for all visitors’ needs. Over the years the village shop has become expert at anticipating what self-catering visitors will want to buy.

The shop’s regular customers, of course, are those who live on the island. Consequently, it is well stocked with all the normal groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen foods, snack foods (including ice creams) and soft drinks.

When visitors book their accommodation, they are sent information about the shop’s regular stock and invited to complete an order form for other items – such as special cuts of meat or unusual dietary needs.

The holiday cottages have well-equipped kitchens and visitors receive an inventory in advance if requested. Those wishing to cater for themselves have everything they require to do so.

Fuel for stoves and open fires are also available from the shop and can be delivered to your property. As Lundy is not connected to the national grid, it has its own electricity generator which is normally turned off at midnight until dawn. Visitors who like a late stroll, or long chats in the Tavern should remember to bring a torch.

The shop stocks a range of t-shirts, books and other memorabilia which is of particular interest to diving groups. As groups often land after the shop is closed, it is possible to purchase some pieces through the Warden by cash or cheque by prior arrangement.

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