Lundy is home to many fish species which can be admired and enjoyed in a sustainable way. 

Lundy's east coast is home to the UK's first No Take Zone, which was established to research the impacts of fishing on important stocks such as shellfish.

Angling is permitted in all other areas around the island and off the Jetty on the condition that only sustainable catch is taken; that is adults over the minimum size, and just enough for yourselves to enjoy. 

Lundy waters are covered by the Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries Conservation Agency. Please check their website for up to date recreational fishing information including new restrictions on Bass fishing .

When angling, please follow the Marine Protected Area Code of Conduct:

  • No fishing is allowed within the No Take Zone
  • Catch and release all fish if not going to be used
  • Release all wrasse species, tope, red band fish, bull huss and conger eels where they are
  • Use barbless hooks
  • Avoid using a gaff
  • Fish above the reef when fishing in reef areas, do not fish on the bottom to avoid
  • Only retain sufficient fish for personal consumption and return all unwanted catch to the sea
  • Do not collect any bait from the intertidal area
  • Fishing of any type is not permitted within the area of a designated wreck site
  • Follow the National Federation of Sea Anglers (NFSA) ‘Conservation Code for Sea Anglers’ and
    abide by the ‘Recommended Retention Size Limits’