Marine Protected Area

Lundy’s spectacular marine life has been protected since 1973, initially as a voluntary Marine Nature Reserve.

The spectacular marine life and underwater scenery are well protected through a number of designations. In 1986, the voluntary Marine Nature Reserve became Britain’s first statutory
Marine Nature Reserve and in 2010 the area was designated as the UK’s first Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ). This MCZ focuses on spiny lobsters and overlaps
with the Special Area of Conservation (designated in 2010) that protects the island’s reefs, sea caves and sandbanks along with the island’s population of around 200 breeding grey seals. Together these designations form Lundy's Marine Protected Area.

Lundy's Marine Management Plan

A Marine Management Plan has been created to ensure Lundy's waters remain well protected and conserved by all users. The plan is available for you to download and discover more about the wonders underneath the waves at Lundy.

Lundy's Marine Management Plan 2017Lundy's Marine Management Plan