What to see

People return time and again to the simple pleasures Lundy affords.

The Island’s simplicity masks its complexity and a single day trip is but a taster. What to do, and what to see, depends on the individual.

No visitor can fail to be impressed by the sense of space, the Island’s natural beauty, its silence and its life. It is also a place for those with special interests: birdwatchers, divers, climbers, plant enthusiasts, archaeologists, geologists and historians.

For those of a historical bent Lundy’s buildings and monuments will fully occupy their day without getting any further than the Halfway Wall.  Naturalists might want to get a little further to see the wild Soay Sheep and the Sika Deer in their natural habitats.

It’s not impossible to do both but Lundy is not a place to be rushed.  To get the most out of a visit a little forward planning helps.