Lundy Letterboxes

The Lundy Letterboxes were started many years ago, and are in essence a kind of treasure trail which is spread over the whole Island.

There are 27 Letterboxes; some are wooden boxes, some metal, and some plastic - but they are all hidden, so to find them a set of clues have to be followed. 

Each box contains a rubber stamp that is unique to its box. The objective is to discover where all the boxes are located and collect the stamps, including the elusive ‘Lundy Bunny’ which is a movable stamp.

Letterbox packs are available to purchase from the shop, and compasses available for hire should you not have one. 

It is suitable for both adults and most children, but it is essential that care must always be exercised when attempting this trail.

Many returning visitors undertake this quest year after year, as some of the boxes are off the beaten track, and will take you to parts of the island that you probably wouldn’t otherwise visit.

There is also a Letterbox sheet available in the shop for day visitors which concentrates on a few of the boxes closer to the South end of the Island and the village.

Please check with the shop for the latest Letterboxing list as some have been changed to reduce the impacts on our important Scheduled Monuments.