Britain’s own Galapagos

Lundy’s position with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Bristol Channel to the east creates a unique combination of environmental conditions that have given rise of a considerable selection of habitats that in turn support a variety of rare and spectacular wildlife. The rugged cliffs of the west coast are carpeted with maritime grass species and are home to important seabird colonies including Puffins and Manx Shearwaters. In comparison, the relatively sheltered and calm east coast boasts spectacular displays of wildflowers and provides sanctuary to migrating birds in the spring and autumn. The diversity of the wildlife observed above the waves is mirrored below the waves, with many rare and beautiful species protected in both the reef and sandbank habitats. 

These wonders can be explored during your stay through joining in with the Warden’s guided walks, Rockpool Rambles, Snorkel Safaris and other events. For further information see the Events section.

Please ensure you follow the island's Code of Conduct during your visit in order to prevent any harm or disturbance to the island and its wildlife. 

If you wish to record your sightings or find what wildlife has recently been seen during your stay, please take a look at the LFS and Marine Life Logbooks located in the Marisco Tavern. Information is also posted on the Lundy Conservation Team  Facebook page.