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Classroom resources

Thanks to funding from National Lottery Players, we’ve produced a set of Key Stage 2 classroom resources about Calverley Old Hall, available to download for free.

As part of our ‘Crafting Cultures’ engagement programme at Calverley Old Hall, we have been able to welcome some of our local schools to learn more about Calverley Old Hall and the family who once lived there. We have also produced a set of Key Stage 2 classroom resources which can be used as part of the classroom learning experience, or adapted for home-schooling, available for free download.

There are two packs to choose from, ‘Life in Medieval England’ and ‘The Calverley Story’. Life in Medieval England provides a broad outline of what life may have been like for those living at the time the Calverley family inhabited Calverley Old Hall, whilst ‘The Calverley Story’ gives a more in depth look at some of the figures who lived at Calverley Old Hall, and explores Tudor painting.

Both sessions should take approximately an hour to teach, and can be adapted as necessary for your school’s learning requirements. Both have curriculum links to Art & Design and History. The education packs include a lesson plan, teacher’s notes and resource packs which can be downloaded below.

Life in Medieval England

Start by downloading the lesson plan, all the sources and a lesson PowerPoint are also provided for download below.

•  Life in Medieval England Lesson Plan (pdf)
•  Life in Medieval England Sources (pdf)
•  Life in Medieval England PowerPoint (ppt)

The Calverley Story

Start by downloading the lesson plan. The teachers notes will also provide some further details. Then you can download the source packs for the classroom activity which are formatted to be easy to print. We have provided additional images of pigments used, and an image bank of photos of the Calverley Wall Paintings for your to download and use in your lesson resources.

The Calverley Story - Lesson Plan (pdf)
The Calverley Story - Teachers Notes (pdf)

Activity Source Packs
Source pack - Walter Calverley (1340-1404 - Husband of Joan) (pdf)
Source Pack - Walter Calverley (1483-1536 - Henry VIII) (pdf)
Source Pack - William Calverley (1507-72 - Tower of London) (pdf)
Source Pack - Walter Calverley (1582-1605 - The Yorkshire Tragedy) (pdf)

Calverley Old Hall Wall Paintings Image Bank (ppt)
The Calverley Story - Pigment images (pdf)

We would really appreciate your feedback on our new education packs.

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With thanks to Nellie Halford for her help in putting together the resource packs.

Thanks to National Lottery players