Give in your Will

Be part of an enduring legacy

In Britain, 10,000 listed buildings are officially designed 'at risk' and their future is uncertain. Each year we are unable to rescue many endangered buildings simply because we do not have the funds to restore them.  We depend on the generosity of individual supporters to fund each new project. They help us preserve remarkable buildings and ensure traditional skills are kept alive for future generations.

Large or small, every gift in a Will is valuable to Landmark and makes a vital difference to our work. Your gift could help make an enduring contribution to the rich architectural heritage that surrounds us.


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Our partnership with Bequeathed enables you to write a will online, using a free service which is safe, secure and convenient. There is clear and detailed guidance throughout the process, with support available should you need it. Once completed, simply download the will and follow the instructions about signing and getting it witnessed.

There is no charge for the online will and the service is currently available for addresses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you decide at any point that you want to take legal advice, Bequeathed can put you in touch with one of their quality-assured Solicitors. When you have agreed a fee with the Solicitor, they can help you complete your will by phone or face to face.

To begin, simply create an account with Bequeathed by clicking the ‘START YOUR WILL’ button.

A gift that makes a lasting difference

Landmark Legacy Estate

The Landmark Legacy Estate consists of 50 or so buildings, ranging from historic estate cottages to modern flats and shops, many of them given to us through a gift in a Will. These well-loved buildings have passed into our stewardship in the knowledge that we can be relied upon to care for them, and many continue to fulfil their role as part of the local community. We manage them as tenanted property providing a valuable and reliable income for us. 

We will always work with prospective donors in such cases, both to understand their wishes and intentions and to explain our approach with such important gifts. Each building is considered on a case by case basis, and many factors influence our decision. Some owners prefer their homes to continue to serve the community, so a permanent long-term tenant is the best solution.  

Learn more about Tony and Beryl Siddons’ generous gift of Somerset Cottages, the latest addition to the Landmark Legacy Estate

What past gifts have helped us achieve

Dolbelydr, an important 16th-century gentry house in Denbighshire, was a roofless ruin when we came across it. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Dolbelydr is now a wonderful Landmark for 6 and is available to visit for free throughout the year.

“Over 30 years ago I was taken by a friend to Dolbelydr. She had tried unsuccessfully to interest organisations in its restoration. Sadly she died before Landmark’s involvement. What a loss Dolbelydr would have been. My gift may just tip the balance in another restoration.”

Patricia Badland, legacy supporter

See Dolbelydr transformed


“Landmark has over the years made, and continues to make, a unique contribution to the rescue, repair, restoration and re-use of buildings which many others would view as being beyond redemption or economically unviable. Landmark's efforts in this field deserve the support of all with an interest in protecting our built heritage. We are proud to be involved in its work by remembering the Trust in our Wills.”

Graham Reed and Nicholas Atkinson