Volunteering at Crownhill Fort

Volunteering at Crownhill Fort

The Landmark Trust is very fortunate to have a group of enthusiastic and willing volunteers who become involved in all aspects of our operation. If you wish to volunteer at Crownhill Fort contact us for more information about one of more of the following:

Helping with open days, group visits, school tours


As well as our public open days on the last Friday of each month there are frequent visits by school groups, history societies and groups of friends. Tour guides lead these groups into museums, over ramparts and down to underground defences delivering an experience that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Tour guiding at Crownhill Fort

With 140 years of history at the Fort our tour guides have a lot to learn. We help by letting new guides shadow those with more experience, by loaning books and texts for reading and by giving access to the archives detailing the restoration work that took place.



Task Force Tuesdays

For those who prefer their volunteering to be a bit more hands on why not join us on Tuesday from 10am to help with repairs, conservation and site management? Volunteers have helped to restore gun carriages, built ramps to allow wheelchair access to displays, repaired rotten timber and trimmed trees and hedges. Plenty more exciting projects are in the pipeline.

Volunteering at Crownhill Fort  Volunteering at Crownhill Fort

We provide the tools and the safety equipment, you will need to wear stout footwear and clothes you do not mind getting dirty in.


Curatorial work in the museum displays

There are three display rooms at Crownhill Fort and they require ongoing management to ensure they look their best. Cataloguing, refreshing and maintaining of displays are all in a day's work. Curators will have access to several cabinets of archive material and a store room full of artefacts that they can use to enhance the visitor experience at the Fort.

Curatorial work at Crownhill Fort



Crownhill Fort

You will need to register with us as a volunteer (you can do this one the day) and complete a short site induction before starting work.

Call or email the Landmark Trust office at the Fort to find out more.