Visiting Lundy: new safety measures

A visit to Lundy has always been a refreshing and inspiring experience. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve worked hard to keep the island safe for our community of guests, staff and supporters, while retaining its charm. In line with government policy and recent changes, we’ve now removed most restrictions for visitors other then the wearing of face masks whilst travelling in the Helicopter. Browse and book our holiday accommodation from here or call 01271 863636 for further information.

Covid advice

Whilst rules have relaxed for England, we would continue to ask anyone currently testing positive for Covid to refrain from travelling to Lundy. Our small island community remains extremely vulnerable to infection and any contagious virus such as Covid would have a devastating impact on the Island and guests.

Travelling to Lundy

To reach Lundy, guests either sail on MS Oldenburg (staying guests and day trip visitors) or travel by helicopter from Hartland Heliport (staying guests only). Travel details, including ticket prices and further information are available here.

Travelling by MS Oldenburg

Prior to travelling on MS Oldenburg, visitors collect tickets (and, for staying guests, luggage labels) from the Shore Office. We’re continuing to ask that only one member of each party checks into the Shore Office in order to help ensure physical distancing can be maintained. On board MS Oldenburg, face coverings are now voluntary for passengers.

Travelling by helicopter

At Hartland Heliport, we’re asking everybody to sanitise hands and continue to wear face coverings in the confines of the Helicopter. The flight to Lundy is six minutes. We will endeavour wherever possible to keep parties together for this short journey but, given the constraints of the small aircraft, there is a possibility visitors may come into close contact with people from outside their group. As such, we’re asking everybody to use hand sanitizer before and after a flight, and to wear a face covering for the duration.

Island life

Lundy offers a rare experience, with extensive open space - perfect for walking - as well as a pub, shop and church. All restrictions have now been lifted on Lundy. We are however asking visitors to use contactless or card payments wherever possible. We’re encouraging all staying guests to place any shopping orders with the General Stores in advance at least two weeks before your arrival (we’ll deliver the goods direct to properties too).

During a visit

We are asking all visitors to Lundy that, if anyone starts to show symptoms of Coronavirus or is advised to self-isolate, they let us know as soon as possible, so appropriate measures can be taken. Departure is by 10am on the final day and we are asking all guests to strictly adhere to this, as it’s crucial to ensuring our housekeepers have enough time to clean the building. To help keep our staff safe, we’re asking guests to strip their beds and place the sheets into the laundry bags provided, as well as removing bin liners to the external dustbin and recycling bins on departure.

For information about our measures elsewhere in the Landmark Trust, read here.