Lundy Marine Festival

14 July – 11 September 2022

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first-ever Marine Protected Area at Lundy. In celebration of this milestone achievement, a two-month festival includes opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Lundy’s Marine Protected Area (MPA) has been a leading light in the field of marine conservation. It was the country's first statutory Marine Nature Reserve (1986), the first to have a Zoning Scheme (1993), the first to have a No Take Zone (2003) and the first to become a Marine Conservation Zone (2010). It has led the way in marine environmental protection and management in the UK through solid science and effective conservation work.

Anemone in seas around Lundy

The Lundy Marine Festival includes activities, talks and other marine-themed events taking place across the island.

There will be a Marine Bioblitz, being the recording all of the marine species found on the shores and in the subtidal. There will also be coastal walks, themed and interactive games, rockpool rambles and - for the really intrepid - snorkel safaris. There will be citizen science projects, such as using the iNaturalist app on a smart phone to photograph marine species, enabling experts to later identify them. Divers will have the opportunity to inspect the health of pink sea fans, a nationally protected species.

Coastal Walks around Lundy©Gabriel Wilson

The Darwin Tree of Life project, overseen by staff from the Natural History Museum and the Marine Biological Association, will also be on the island for the first few days of the Festival, when the island's St Helen’s Church will be doubling up as a 'pop-up' Marine Laboratory.

Seal in the seas around Lundy

Thanks to sponsorship from the Blue Marine Foundation, a short film about the effectiveness of the MPA's No Take Zone off the island's east coast will be produced.

Within the MPA lie three shipwrecks of historic importance, two of which (the Iona II, a paddle steamer which sank in 1864; and a battleship HMS Montagu, which ran into the island in 1906) will be featured in special Protected Wreck Days being organised by the Nautical Archaeology Society and funded by Historic England. A recent photogrammetry survey of the Iona II will allow the wreck to be viewed in 3-D when using Virtual Reality headsets.

Diver photographing Iona II wreck site in the waters around Lundy

Derek Green, Lundy General Manager says:
“Lundy has led the way for marine conservation for over 50 years and I’m delighted that we’re celebrating the anniversary with so many events that everyone can get involved with. Whether you’re a marine professional or just fancy a day rockpooling, the festival has something for everyone. Lundy has long been the jewel in the crown of the Bristol Channel, and we look forward to welcoming many visitors to our special island this summer “

Rob Joules, North Devon General Manager, National Trust, adds:
"The National Trust is excited to be working alongside other partners in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the country's first Marine Protected Area at Lundy. The Marine Protected Area has made a significant contribution to conserving this special place and the upcoming events will be an opportunity to enjoy and experience it first-hand."

The Lundy Marine Festival runs 14 July – 11 September 2022. For full details visit:

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