Wild Isles

April 2023

Lundy's spectacular and often rare marine life was featured in a special documentary inspired by BBC's Wild Isles. Fifty years ago, the island’s surrounding waters became Britain’s first Voluntary Marine Nature Reserve, and in 2003, Britain’s first No Take Zone was established on the east side of the island. The programme is available to view on BBC iPlayer and explores the success of these initiatives.

The episode features Andrew Bengey from Lundy Diving, talking about the astonishing richness of the underwater natural world around Lundy, thanks to its special designation as a Marine Protected Area.

Watch the episode

(Watch Lundy's feature from 27:30 – 33:40)

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Our conservation work on and around the island is ongoing. We were recently re-accredited as a Bird Observatory and have seen some real success stories with our seabird colonies and endemic species thanks to painstaking long-term projects. But there is always more we can do to further diversify the island’s habitat for the benefit of our wildlife. If you would like to help, please consider supporting the Lundy Fund.

The island team want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Andrew, who sadly and unexpectedly passed away in February this year. He offered a true support system to the staff there, providing fresh supplies and emergency trips to the mainland. He was always a pleasure to work with and so knowledgeable about the waters around the island. He will be missed.