Lundy becomes a bird observatory… Again

February 2023

We’re delighted to share that Lundy has been re-admitted to the Bird Observatories Council network.

Lundy has a rich ornithological history and is visited by a staggering range of land and sea birds. This reaccreditation recognises Lundy as an important site for monitoring bird migration, as well as its value for breeding seabirds and long-term ornithological research.

Lundy was once part of the bird observatories network following the formation of the Lundy Field Society (LFS) in 1946, though sadly financial pressures meant membership ceased in the mid-20th century. Bird recording, ringing and other monitoring (especially of seabirds) continued, though with periodic peaks and troughs in activity.

Efforts to formerly regain accreditation began in 2017. Former warden Dean Jones restarted the crucial regular daily bird census over a fixed route on the south of the island which, along with a regular programme of bird ringing, is essential for a bird observatory. On Dean's departure, the initiative was continued by our present warden Rosie Ellis and assistant warden Stuart Cossey, with support from many volunteers and colleagues plus advice from Tim Jones, Tim Davis and Chris Dee of the LFS.

With reaccreditation, we continue to ensure the long-term sustainability of Lundy’s bird monitoring and ringing efforts. We aspire to make a significant contribution to national and international ornithology, especially in relation to migration studies and seabird conservation, and the Observatory will give high priority to the education and development of young birders, naturalists and conservationists.

Lundy team 600x400.jpgTim Davis, Rosie Ellis, Steve Stansfield (BOC chair), Stuart Cossey and Tim Jones at the BOC AGM