Covid-19 information

Holiday with confidence

The health and safety of guests and staff has always been paramount to our charity. As the pandemic continues to evolve, restrictions have now been eased across the hospitality sector. The Landmark Trust nevertheless remains committed to ensuring the highest standard of cleanliness across our 200 properties.

Holidays are contact-free, with keys collected onsite or, in a small number of cases, posted in advance. Guests are welcome to arrive at their Landmark anytime after 4pm on arrival day, while departure is before 10am on the final day.

Our housekeepers each look after a particular Landmark and thoroughly ventilate the buildings between guests. Antiviral disinfectants, including products certified to kill Covid-19, are used especially in high-touch areas such as doorhandles and light switches. Similar cleaning products are left for guest to freely use.

If anyone tests positive for Coronavirus during a stay, we ask guests to let us know immediately by contacting the Regional Property Manager, with contact details provided in the red Building Information document in each property.

For information about our cancellation policy please click here, or if you have any further questions please contact our Booking Enquiries team on [email protected] or 01628 825925.