Own transport

Uniquely placed 18km off the North Devon coast, Lundy is an island surrounded by a wealth of marine habitats.

You are welcome to come to Lundy via your own transport, however we recommend that you do not dive here without an experienced guide due to the tidal races around the island. Please ensure that your boat is fully equipped with appropriate safety equipment including a VHF radio.

To note: The waters around Lundy are frequently used by Divers, Snorkellers and other small pleasure craft. If you are travelling around Lundy please maintain a reasonable distance from the island (100m) and keep you speed below 5 knots.

Lundy's coastline is a designated Special Area of Conservation which helps protect an important breeding colony of Atlantic Grey Seals throughout the year as well as thousands of breeding seabirds in the summer months. Seals are also protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Conservation of Seals Act 1970, therefore it is illegal to recklessly disturb or injure grey seals in the UK. PLEASE KEEP YOUR SPEED BELOW 5KNOTS AND TRAVELS AT LEAST 100M FROM THE SHORE TO MITIGATE DISTURBANCE.

RIB’s or inflatables can be transported on the Oldenburg at the cost of £100 per boat and must be booked via the Shore Office on (01237) 470 074. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage or loss caused to boats or equipment during shipment or whilst on Lundy so please ensure your belongings are appropriately insured.

Petrol on Lundy is a limited commodity and we cannot offer it for sale other than in an emergency.  If you are bringing your own boat you must organise to bring sufficient fuel for your stay. If you are using the Oldenburg, please speak to them well in advance because they are restricted in the hazardous goods they can carry. Please remember Lundy is a Marine Conservation Zone and you must exercise extreme caution when storing fuel and re-fuelling your boat.

A private mooring is avalibale for use in the landing bay.  Please note that mooring is undertaken at your own risk.  The Landing Bay provides a sheltered anchorage when the winds are from the western quarter, but is vulnerable to winds from the East or North East.  During adverse conditions inflatables can be hauled out of the water but this is not practical for RIBs therefore please consult a reliable forecast prior to your arrival.

If you come to Lundy using your own transport please note that there is a luggage transfer service available at a cost of £5 per person (minimum £30), all luggage must weigh no more than 20kg (excess will be charged for), which must be booked prior to you arrival using the Lundy Dive Booking Form.

Since 2006, Lundy Island has been rat free for the benefit of the Manx shearwaters and Puffin populations. To ensure that we remain this way, it is important that visitors to the island take extra precautions to reduce the risk of a reintroduction therefore we have some requests. If you are bringing your own boat, please check it for rodents immediately prior to your visit and keep any food in sealed containers. Please note that food can only be landed in sealed plastic containers and any loose items must remain on your vessel. 

Please note that there is a landing fee of £10 per person. If you are a National Trust member the fee is non-applicable on production of a valid NT membership card. A landing fee season ticket is also avaliable for purchase - please contact the shore office on (01237) 470 074 for more details.