The Knoll Pins

Lundy's special marine environment is diverse and rich in marine life.

The Knoll Pins are located on the eastern side of the island, between Tibbett's Point and Brazen Ward, approximately 200 metres east from Threequarter Wall Bay.

The name refers to a pair of large rocks that dry out at low water. When the Knoll Pins are submerged at high water the kelp on top of the pins may be visible however care should be taken when approaching the area by boat and there is a 100m No Anchor or shotline restriction around these pinnacles.

It is possible for divers to choose their depth on this dive and spend time exploring the south, east and northern sides of the outer pinnacle. 


The vertical exposed walls are covered in colourful jewel anemones and cup corals along with dead men's fingers, red sea fingers, pink sea fans and sponges. There are also spider and edible crabs, common and squat lobsters. Fish such as pollack and wrasse can been seen cruising around the pinnacle, whilst shoals of sand eels dart over the adjacent sandy slope.


Full details of the Knoll Pins dive can be found in 'A Guide to Lundy's Marine Life' available from the Lundy Shop. Please note that the Knoll Pins should be dived during, just before or just after slack water.