Archaeological Diving Unit

From 1991-2000, the ADU completed regular surveys of the site.

From 1991-1995, the Archaeological Diving Unit (ADU) continued their role as diving contractor for UK’s marine heritage and completed regular surveys of the Iona II site as part of their role as diving contractor for UK’s marine heritage. These surveys to monitored the condition of the wreck and allowed ADU to make management recommendations to ensure that the wreck would be preserved for as long as possible.


Some of the observations and activities on the Iona II wreck over the years were -



-Damage from dragged anchors

-Brass engine fittings removed

-Collapse of port paddle wheel in winter storms



-Increase in hull corrosion

-Crankshaft elements deteriorated

-Paddle wheel assemblies crumbled

-Damage by fishing nets and divers



-Damage from fishing gear

-Some structural collapse

-Higher sediment levels amidships



-Partial datum survey completed by Nautical Archaeology Society students

-Gaps filled in Isometric drawing

-First suggestion that sediment levels change throughout the year

-Port paddle wheel almost disintegrated

-Unauthorised fishing and diving taking place

-Suggestion that wreck opened up on certain days to encourage responsible diving