MV Robert

Lundy's special marine environment is diverse and rich in marine life.

The MV Robert was a small, single crew coaster which capsized and sank off the eastern side of Lundy in 1975.


The wreck lies approximately 1 mile east of Gull Rock and is usually marked by a buoy which is attached to it. This is Lundy's only intact wreck and the 50m long vessel now rests on a muddy sand seabed on her starboard side. The port side of the ship is in around 18m of water whereas the starboard side lies on the seabed at about 25m.


Prominent sections of the ship are covered in a profusion of plumose anemones and there is often a small shoal of bib on the wreck and occasionally individual John Dory can be seen. Nudibranchs (sea slugs) are found on the outside of the hull and the pipe work section is home to conger eels.


For more information on this dive please see 'A Guide to Lundy's Marine Wildlife' available from the Lundy Shop. Please note that this dive should only be carried out during slack water as the tidal stream can be very strong over the wreck.