Diver comfort

The beach building was built with divers in mind to support their Lundy experience.

The beach building houses two changing rooms for visiting divers to use. These facilities must be booked using the Dive Facilities Booking Form and are provided on a first come, first served basis. Each room can comfortably accommodate between 6 and 8 divers with storage and hanging facilities for equipment. The main door is lockable, however the individual changing rooms are not and if you wish to keep the key with your group please arrange this with the Warden.  There is a small camping toilet in the boat building that has be be emptied by our staff and fills up quickly, so please use facilities aboard your dive vessel when possible. Whilst the toilet is emptied on a regular basis please request a cartridge change if required and please leave it clean and tidy as you would expect to find it.

Outside there is a dunk tank filled with freshwater for equipment rinsing. At times of drought, this may not be refilled until the island’s water supply is replenished. Please do not clean any equipment in the indoor sink and note that the water is not suitable for drinking.

Please note that smoking is not permitted in or around the beach building, and gas cookers are not to be used inside the building. Electricity to the building is provided by the compressor generator and as such, electricity is not currently available unless the generator is running.

Transport of divers to the village is available through advanced request and will be charged at the same rate as luggage transport. This service is provided free of charge to any divers needing a lift up the hill due to medical reasons.