Recent Joiners

Here’s a selection of some of our recent joiners. Read about their new responsibilities, experience and what attracted them to Landmark.

Hajira Iqbal

System Administrator

I have worked in the IT industry for an extended period. I jumped into my first IT career during my third-year placement, where I worked for a Norwegian corporate company as an Intern Business Analyst. Upon finishing my finals, I changed my industry to the charity sector, and I was employed at a charity response-handling company, where I worked with various types of clients, all of whom were charitable organisations.

As a beginner photographer who loves to take pictures of architectural buildings and nature, I was thrilled when I found out about the Landmark Trust's new job opening for System Administrator, mainly focusing on Salesforce and Microsoft 365. Contributing to the preservation of historic buildings, where significant history is stored, and giving back to the community gives me remarkable satisfaction and being part of an organisation that values history, community, and unique contributions is truly inspiring. I look forward to making a meaningful impact in my role as a System Administrator and contributing to the remarkable work that Landmark does.

Regarding myself, I'm an adrenaline enthusiast, and during my free time, I engage in self-directed learning about cinematic videography and editing. The prospect of exploring new horizons, both professionally and personally, fills me with anticipation and I am excited to see what the future holds and to be a part of the ongoing legacy at Landmark.

As a thalassophile, I am eagerly anticipating my first stay on Lundy too!

Natalie Craven

Engagement Officer

I discovered Landmark on a mid-pandemic trip to Lundy, it was absolute escapism from London. The ruggedness, the wildlife, the bright blue water, all made a lasting impression. As a secret stamp geek too, using Lundy Post was also a highlight! With my keen interest in heritage, architecture and general exploring, Landmark has already been a door into many fascinating places.

I come to Landmark with 12 years’ experience in the charity sector and a background in the Arts. In previous roles I’ve managed art collections and engagement at three NHS Trusts, delivered public programmes at the Royal College of Physicians’ Museum in London, and most recently managed research-based creative health projects for NHS staff and patients.

In the Engagement team at Landmark, I oversee public access to many historic Landmarks through a varied Open Day programme in England, Scotland and Wales. I also manage Landmark’s longstanding charitable schemes ‘50 for Free’ and ‘Futures’, and the development of Landmark Volunteers. Within our charitable aim, there’s so much exciting potential to widen our public reach and offer memorable experiences in remarkable places for everyone.

Hannah Thompson

Project Engagement Officer (Calverley Old Hall)

I was lucky to join Landmark to work on the two-year Calverley Old Hall restoration project as the Engagement Officer responsible for delivering the onsite community engagement programme. With a background in heritage and experience in various public facing roles, I am thrilled to be able to work with Landmark on such a fascinating project. In my previous role, I worked in archaeological engagement, so I’m happy to be able to bring these skills forward into my work at Calverley and build on my experience in a job that I love. Every day is different and I love hearing people’s memories of the property, whether they have stayed there as a guest or have never set foot in the door but have walked past the hall their whole lives, it’s wonderful to be able to unlock these stories. I love the variety of my role, one day I can be running a tour of the building, the next running a craft workshop or hosting a lime plastering training day.

I have long been intrigued by old buildings as I wonder at the secrets that they are hiding. The first time I walked into Calverley I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was, crumbling but still majestic. It was a time capsule of medieval meets the 1970s with flock wallpaper, old gas fires and even old bits of newspaper adorning the walls including one small fragment from 1882!

Landmark is a wonderful community, whether you work in Shottesbrooke or in a more remote role like mine, you will be made to feel like a valued member of the team, and that’s really special.

Lorraine Stapley

Accounts Assistant

I have always worked in the finance sector and I was delighted to join Landmark's finance team based at Shottesbrooke last July. Thankfully, it was just after the really hot spell, so let’s see what this year brings. The varied elements of my role ensure no two days are ever the same and interaction with Landmark’s many suppliers keeps me busy, especially when we clear up outstanding issues.

My welcome here was warm and generous and everyone I met took the time to introduce themselves and make me feel at ease in my new role. It is unusual to work in an environment where so many colleagues have stayed for many years, I personally believe that is a sign of a great employer. Being able to have a blended office/home working week is a great opportunity, and I usually have extra help when at home from a fluffy colleague.

While my historic knowledge is very limited, I am completely in awe of the hundreds of years some of our beautiful properties have been around for, the thought of what once went on within the walls and the vast changes in our world since construction. I’m really looking forward to staying in some of these wonderful Landmarks and I hope to join the throngs of those who’ve worked for The Landmark Trust for many years.            

A lady with short brown hair and a grey cat sat beside a computer screen

Rose Andrews

Joinery Apprentice

I first fell in love with woodwork when I completed a campervan conversion, with no prior experience and just a jigsaw and drill in hand. For two years I travelled Europe in my van, in awe of the historic architecture and even spending six weeks contributing to the restoration of a crumbling Italian priest house. These experiences ignited passions in both carpentry and historic buildings that I am now happy to be developing in a professional environment.  

Before joining The Landmark Trust, I worked as a trainee carpenter building bespoke shepherd’s huts, designed to be used as glamping venues or garden rooms. This gave me a baseline knowledge of carpentry and confirmed for me that carpentry was a career I would like to pursue.

The Landmark Trust Joinery Apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to learn on the job, gaining experience in both cabinet making and joinery. I enjoy working as a part of the team to complete whatever projects come our way and learning valuable skills from both Mark and Matt, the workshop team. Alongside Landmark projects I also attend Rycotewood College in Oxford and spend time at work making college pieces to develop specific skills.  

I’m excited for the rest of my time both here at Landmark and at Rycotewood.

Katherine Cleland

Regional Property Manager - Scotland

I have always had a passion for old buildings, probably passed to me from my dad who was a district works manager for Historic Scotland covering the west coast and islands of Scotland. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of exploring the castles, cathedrals and historic sites that he looked after. I applied to Landmark Trust early in 2019 after being intrigued by an advert for a Properties Assistant role, based at home but with regular travel to properties throughout Scotland. I had heard of the Landmark Trust but had never stayed in any buildings and had no real understanding of the work that was done, the more I investigated the more I wanted to work here.

My first 6 months travelling round the region were spent wide-eyed in wonder at the buildings I was supporting. I love the variety and travel this role brings me - no two days are the same - with a mixture of speaking to and meeting new people, helping guests when things don’t go according to plan, while being involved in the maintenance and preservation of the most amazing buildings in beautiful parts of the country such as at Shore Cottages in Berriedale in the photo. When my manager decided to retire it felt like a natural step for me to apply for the Regional Property Manager post, and I’m so glad I did. I get real enjoyment from my work and learn so much from my colleagues. I am lucky enough to work with a great group of people in an inclusive and nurturing environment and have progressed personally so much in the past 3 years, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Vicky Thompson

Engagement Manager

I join the Landmark Trust with many years of experience in heritage and arts public engagement. My previous role was at The Lightbox Art Gallery and Museum in Woking, where I delivered a rich programme of art and history based engagement programmes both online and onsite. I worked with audiences from diverse backgrounds of all ages. Prior to that I was in the operations team for the Public Engagement department at Historic Royal Palaces, delivering events and activities across all the palaces including Hampton Court Palace and HM Tower of London.

I'm absolutely thrilled to join The Landmark Trust. I've been intrigued by the organisation ever since I visited the Georgian House at Hampton Court Palace on a team outing while I was working at the palace. I've already been to visit a couple of Landmarks since starting here, and my favourite thing is reading the visitor log books. I love seeing the drawings and stories people leave documenting their amazing experiences in our landmarks. I'm really looking forward to sharing all the amazing opportunities we can offer our communities, engaging people from all backgrounds in our work and our amazing buildings and their stories.

Timothy James

Properties Assistant - South

Like many of our staff, I was drawn to work for Landmark because of my passion for historic buildings. Originally from Pembrokeshire, heritage has always interested me - as a child I was fascinated with the derelict buildings, and I was eager to explore them.  

My first day with Landmark was in 2016 – I was immediately hooked! I started as a relief housekeeper alongside two other jobs, I was able to work in buildings that I would not otherwise get to see inside. I loved exploring the region, jumping at the chance to do a shift at different buildings.   

I am delighted to now be working in a full-time role with Landmark.  In Spring 2021 I became the Properties Assistant for the South region. My role is varied with no two days the same. Based at my home in Bristol I help with the running of the region, supporting the Regional Property Manager.  

Working for Landmark I feel that I am doing a small part to keep alive our architectural heritage, whether I’m ordering new stock, sorting out staff cover or undertaking practical tasks at one of the 27 buildings in my region. 

Anthony Hughes

Health and Safety Advisor

I was born, raised and educated near Bristol and moved to the Monmouthshire area of Wales in my mid 30s. My career history included event hosting/management in historic buildings and police work before deciding to pursue a career in health and safety, as the safety and welfare of others often factored in whatever I did. 

I’ve joined from a Catholic Diocese where I was the lead on Health and Safety for a large portfolio of ecclesiastical properties and a diverse workforce, consisting of clergy, employees, and volunteers. Safety and welfare considerations were also extended to contractors and members of the public in respect of Diocesan property, parish events, and other Diocesan undertakings.  

The move to Landmark was a simple decision for me as I’ve been aware of the trust and its beautiful properties for some time and I’m looking to work with others who have a passion for historic and significant buildings. My experience seemed to perfectly merge with the requirements of the role. Plus, having an interest in photography the opportunity to work in such a visually pleasing and interesting environment is a bit of a dream come true.