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Dozens of people have been involved in the Llwyn Celyn project - from our first visit to the site back in 2007 to the two year restoration beginning in 2016. Below, a few members of the team share their discoveries, challenges and experiences of working on Landmark's most complex restoration project to date.

Richard Burton

Project Manager for Llwyn Celyn

Richard Burton has been involved with Llwyn Celyn for over seven years. As Project Manager, he oversaw the transformation of the site from brink of collapse to the restored building you see today.

"If I have to choose one interesting discovery, it has to be the archway in the south wall of what was the ground floor of the hall and now the dining room. This was discovered very late in the project and was totally unexpected and has been a point of speculation as to its precise use since."

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Caroline Stanford

Historian and Head of Engagement

Caroline is Landmark's Historian and Head of Engagement. She has been involved in the Llwyn Celyn project for over 10 years, first visiting the site in 2007 when it was covered in emergency scaffolding. As well as overseeing Landmark's community outreach programmes at Llwyn Celyn, she has written a comprehensive history of the site and the surrounding area.

"LLwyn Celyn is still 'guarded from evil spirits' by the 17th-century shoe we found carefully concealed under the north eaves of the was probably placed there by William Watkin, when he was modernising the house in the 1690s. We've put it back!"

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Kasia Howard

Engagement Manager

Kasia is our Engagement Manager, delivering our community outreach programmes which saw over 100 volunteers take part in our craft training 'heritage at work' weeks.

"I discovered a tiny perfume bottle, which seemed completely incongruous to the building when I found it. But it reminded me that despite the crumbling walls and rotting timbers, it was a place of life and love."

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Jane Lockwood-Taylor

Project Co-ordinator

Llwyn Celyn was one of the the largest restorations Landmark has ever undertaken and it was Jane's responsibility to co-ordinate the project, providing support to the team as well as tracking the budget and progress.

"There was massive amounts of very specialised restoration work and a lot of work ensuring all the buildings were made structurally sound...not to mention working with the elements,  which included one very cold and snowy winter and one exceptionally hot summer!"

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Duncan Tattersall

Artist and curtain designer

Duncan began working for Landmark as a Housekeeper at Auchinleck House. Now a Properties Assistant for our buildings in the South, Duncan was also commissioned to design and produce the bespoke screen printed curtains for Llwyn Celyn.

"The designs include representations of Priors of Llanthony, based on illustrations of historic wax seals found in two 19th-century books."

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