Kasia Howard

Engagement Manager

Kasia Howard is Landmark's Engagement Manager, delivering our community outreach programmes and ensuring our buildings can be enjoyed by all.

What was your role at Llwyn Celyn?
Engagement Manager. I delivered the Heritage Lottery Funded activity programme including volunteering, training, working with artists in residence, schools workshops, as well as designing the interpretation room. I will continue to plan our open day events and activities.

What was the most interesting thing you discovered at Llwyn Celyn?
The most interesting thing I discovered was the place – a wonderful valley, with Llwyn Celyn at its mouth. A welcoming community of incredibly hard working farmers, history enthusiasts and creatives. I also discovered a tiny perfume bottle, which seemed completely incongruous to the building when I found it. But it reminded me that despite the crumbling walls and rotting timbers, it was a place of life and love.

What was your biggest challenge at Llwyn Celyn?
The weather proved challenging on many occasions. When the sun shines it sings, but when the mist and rain set it the steep slope of the farm yard began treacherous – making it really difficult to keep people safe.

What is one thing that people may not know about Llwyn Celyn?
Although its recent history was a farming one, it was once a high status building, built for someone with aspirations and real sense of occasion and formality. The medieval traditions still inform the way the building works.

What other Landmarks have you worked on as part of your training?
Queen Anne’s Summerhouse and Astley Castle have also been Heritage Lottery Funded project and I worked on both of these – delivering the activity programme.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to enter the building conservation/heritage industry?
The fabric of our buildings is so important. Take time to understand the materiality of a place and the way it sits in a landscape. Be prepared to learn from a place, do not impose upon it. Respect the craftsmen and women who craft a building back to life again.

What is your favourite Landmark?
It’s always the one that I am currently working one. Llwyn Celyn will stay with me for a long, long time.