Jane Lockwood-Taylor

Project co-ordinator for Llwyn Celyn

What was your role during the Llwyn Celyn project?

I was recruited specifically to work as Project Coordinator for Llwyn Celyn, providing support to the team and tracking costs, progress and programme. This was the largest project Landmark has ever undertaken and my role was created to provide the extra support needed on a project of this size – lucky for me! I have to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding my role for this project.

How long have you been involved with the Llwyn Celyn project?

Since February 2016.

What was the most interesting thing you discovered at Llwyn Celyn?

So many interesting things! I first viewed Llwyn Celyn on a very wet and windy February day, with the roof coverings flapping and the wind howling through the house. To see this lovely Farmhouse restored over time with so many unexpected discoveries (hidden windows and doorways) and to see it now as a superb Landmark has been an ongoing interesting experience. Finding out the date of the building (circa 1420) was a very exciting moment.

What was the biggest challenge at Llwyn Celyn?

There were many challenges along the way for Landmark and our contractors and consultants, as one would expect with a project of this size. There were massive amounts of very specialised restoration work and a lot of work ensuring all the buildings were made structurally sound. Not to mention a significant amount of water to deal with and generally working with the elements, which included one very cold and snowy winter and one exceptionally hot summer! Fortunately we had a great team, all of whom pulled together on every aspect of the restoration.

What is one thing that people may not know about Llwyn Celyn?

We found a number of shoes concealed in the roof, which according to folklore were put there for good luck and to ward off evil spirits. After documenting these they were replaced in their original position thus ensuring that Llwyn Celyn will be a happy and safe place for all time! 

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to enter the heritage industry?

Don’t hesitate in joining this marvellous industry. My previous involvement with projects was mostly on new builds and working on the Llwyn Celyn project has been the most fascinating project I have ever worked on. I am very fortunate that I am now moving on within Landmark to work on our Winsford Hospital and Dunshay projects. It’s an absolute privilege to work in this industry.

What is your favourite Landmark?

Appleton Water Tower – all of our towers are fascinating but this one is particularly so, with its links to the Royal family and the Sandringham Estate. The 360 degree views across Norfolk from the top of the tower are spectacular. I love the fact that this was built for very practical reasons, but with equal importance placed on the aesthetics of the building.