New arrival

Introducing Lundy Chandame Fiona

Early on Thursday 29th October Lundy Francis Anne gave birth to a healthy foal, Lundy Chandame Fiona; Fiona is Francis Ann's first foal and, as you can see, both are doing well. Both Francis Anne and Fiona are named after shipwrecks off the east coast of Lundy. The Fiona was a Ketch carrying coal from Cardiff which wrecked near to Quarter wall on the 6th May 1904 and the Francis Anne was a Bristol Barquentine of 372 tons that struck a rock and sank off Rat Island on the 21st March 1829.

Lundy Chandame Fiona is the second foal from our stallion Lundy Chandaem Roc & Roll, more commonly known as Bill.


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Image courtesy of Alan Rowland.