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Ponies were first introduced to Lundy in 1928 by Martin Coles Harman, a former owner of the island.

Martin Coles Harman brought 34 New Forest mares and 8 filly foals to Lundy in 1928. They were released above half way wall and allowed to roam the island freely, as they still do in Pondsbury.

In 1930, a Welsh Mountain stallion was brought over to the island and he was able to nearly get all of the mares in foal. His offspring were mostly roan in colour (as he himself was strawberry roan) however some were dun and a few palomino. Unfortunately the stallion passed away in the spring of 1932 and so two of his colts, one dun and one roan, were kept and the herd split; the dun, named Pepper, with the majority of the mares and the roan with some at the north of the island. The roan became troublesome and was sold on which left Pepper with the herd until war broke out in 1939. During the war, none of the ponies could be shipped off the island and, as they were not managed, the herd grew enormously and resulted in a considerable amount of fighting between the colts. Pepper lost the majority of his mares to a stronger stallion, Midnight, and he was allowed to succeed Pepper who left the island in 1951 at the age of 29. After the war, the herd was reduced when at least 40 ponies were sold and in 1955 only 20 ponies remained on the island.

Since 1955, new stallions have been introduced to the herd to ensure that there is no inbreeding and the genetics remain healthy. Today the island herd remains small in number with one stallion, Lundy Chandaem Roc & Roll (known as Bill) who has to date fathered two foals, Lundy Logan and Lundy Chamdame Fiona.

The sponsorship scheme provides for the winter supplementary feeding, tetanus updates, hoof trimming and veterinary bills of the herd. An annual newsletter is published in the spring, updating sponsors on the activities of the herd during the previous year. The scheme has various options to allow you to sponsor, support or donate.

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