Calverley Old Hall

Calverley, West Yorkshire


Calverley Old Hall is an ancient manor house, a solidly romantic place that has evolved over many centuries. One corner held a Landmark for four decades; in 2022 we are able at last to begin a new and exciting project to bring the whole site back into use thanks to generous funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund and a host of other supporters.

Crafting cultures

Our project will include transforming the ancient great hall and solar block into Landmark accommodation in a contemporary interpretation that respects the medieval spaces and fabric. We’ll be offering craft training programmes and many other exciting initiatives for the local community.  We hope you’ll come with us on this exhilarating journey which has already delivered some jaw dropping discoveries.

Discover the latest at Calverley Old Hall

Medieval in Origin

Calverley Old Hall dates to medieval times and is of great historical importance. Landmark came on the scene in 1981, when it was in danger of being sold in three separate lots. Even the great hall had long been divided into cottages. Then funded by our founder Sir John Smith’s Manifold Trust, Landmark bought this important medieval house so that it could remain in single ownership. As Calverley Old Hall is such a large grouping in several units, its restoration had to be carried out in several phases. We have recovered the gracious proportions of 17th-century rooms, with fine moulded beams and flagstone floors, and enjoyed by visitors since 1983. The Chapel has also been repaired, as has the fine hammerbeam roof of the Great Hall. The Solar and the Great Hall still contain the remains of eighteenth-century dwellings.


The Old Hall is located in Calverley conservation area; the historic heart of the village. As Leeds and Bradford have expanded, Calverley village has also grown. Today the Landmark is situated amid 1950s housing with the close-knit friendly life of the neighbouring streets, a corner shop and local pub. The cosmopolitan city of Leeds is close by as are the Yorkshire Moors. There are many wonderful places in the area to visit, including the Saltaire World Heritage Site, the Royal Armouries in Leeds and Kirkstall Abbey, before returning to relax and ponder under the moulded beams.