Positive response to our Covid-secure procedures

96% of bookers feel reassured by our new measures

The small Landmark operations team worked hard and fast to implement new Covid-secure procedures in order to reopen Landmarks in July after a 15-week closure. These new measures – which include additional cleaning products and PPE equipment for housekeepers – have been designed to ensure the safety of our guests, colleagues and communities, while retaining the charm of a typical Landmark stay. You can read more about the safety measures here.

We’re delighted to report that 96% of bookers who responded to our post-stay survey this summer said our Covid-secure measures were appropriate and offered reassurance. 

We’re especially pleased that 96% of people felt that the changes, such as being asked to strip their beds when they leave, didn’t negatively affect their break. 

We’re providing more information than normal to bookers before their stay, plus some additional detail in the property. Happily, 84% of respondents have found these communications about the Covid-secure measures, such as the detail on the website, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.


Recent comments from customers include:

'Never mind the two-metre rule, how does 500 sound for adequate social distancing? That’s how far you are from another soul when you bed down for the night inside Norfolk’s Appleton Water Tower.' Digital travel editor Oliver Smith writing in the Telegraph

'It was spotlessly clean and high-quality cleaning products were available to keep it that way. As far as Covid was concerned we felt very safe within the building.'

'Just as described with everything one needs for a short stay.. The staff coped well with the covid 19 restrictions' a guest writing about a stay in the Radio Room on Lundy

'Another lovely stay in another unique and wonderful building. The extra Covid-safety measures in no way detract from the experience'

‘Absolutely fabulous, one of the best holidays I ever had. Can highly recommend it’ a guest writing about Auchinleck House