Designing the fabrics

The period between 1485 and 1603 is known for its highly detailed and embellished decoration, exemplified by palaces, furnishings and clothing of Tudor kings and queens and the aristocracy. And we find enduring evidence of those in many Landmarks built during the period. The research process for the 1485 Collection took Ian Mankin’s design team, comprising senior designer Deborah Russell and designers Kirsty Slater and Laurence Alder, to some of our very special buildings. The team has been influenced by original and diverse points of interest, be they rubbings from the timber beams at Parish House in Somerset, or the beautifully ornate brick patterns in the chimney stack at Methwold Old Vicarage in Norfolk.

Some patterns are recognisable, such as the classical quatrefoil within the Laughton fabric, which features in a window in the four-storey Laughton Place in Sussex. Others, such as the detail on the Peake’s Check, are bold re-workings of carvings in the ancient walls of Peake’s House in Essex. The delicate motif within Cawood, takes inspiration from the wall hanging at Cawood Castle in Yorkshire and the intricate pattern on Langley evokes the geometric patterns on the striking timber façade at Langley Gatehouse in Shropshire.

Ian Mankin’s signature formal look of structured, classic stripes is blended with elegant and intriguing details from these buildings, sensitively developed to evoke a feeling of simplicity and authenticity cherished by both brands.

In addition, 1485 introduces coordinating braids into the fabric collection. There are eight designs in the 1485 collection that work on upholstery projects and as detailing on curtains and blinds. These can be used to great effect as decorative elements on cushions and other soft furnishings.

The team has chosen a colour palette that evokes the Tudor period, spanning russet, mead, parchment and whey. There is also a court grey and monarch blue. Each fabric design comes in different colour ways.

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