The Ian Mankin story

The timeless brand is woven in Lancashire

The Ian Mankin brand is owned by the John Spencer group, a sixth-generation family weaving business run by the great-great-great grandson of the original founders. Based in Burnley, Lancashire, once the global centre of the industrialised cotton industry, the mill is the last remaining traditional cotton weaver in a town that in the 1920s operated over 100,000 looms (more than one for every man, woman and child in the town).

Ian Mankin fabrics are made with 100% natural fibres and a range of Global Organic Textile Standard and Soil Association Certified Organic cotton yarns. Organic certification covers not only ethical sourcing standards but also ensures that everyone involved with the production of that yarn, from cotton farmers to spinners, are paid a fair wage and have access to a safe working environment.

A true fabric house, in every sense of the word; the mill is driven by a team of weavers and textile designers, who have weaving in their blood. This mill has been in place for over 150 years and many of the staff are from families who have worked in the industry for generations, some even in the same mill.

When the textile industry in the UK took a devastating downturn, the John Spencer mill was able to hold onto its customers and continue weaving, providing the local community with jobs and helping to keep the heart of UK textile production beating.

The fabric brand Ian Mankin was founded by its namesake in 1983, his vision was to take natural, simple fabrics with an emphasis on the quality of construction and bring them into the realm of fashionable and beautiful interiors. He coined the phrase 'accessible elegance', which the brand embodies to this day.

One of the most critical things Ian wanted from his fabric was for his customers never to regret a purchase. He wanted them to be happy with their fabric for years to come; that's why trend never played a huge part in the development of collections. He was interested in beauty and simplicity. Ian loved linens and cotton mixed fabrics for their soft, lived-in quality that removes the shock of the new. A freshly hung curtain can look like it has been in place for years.

The 1485 Collection embodies these fundamental principles. Simple and uncomplicated, made with natural fibres, with craftspeople at the helm, we hope you find something you’d like to buy. Five per cent of the price of every purchase will go to Landmark's charitable aims.

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