Lundy seal assisted by snorkeler

14 August 2014

A young female grey seal has amazed the community on Lundy by being the first seal to allow a person to remove an entanglement. During a recent visit to Lundy, on charter boat Jessica Hettie, Lesley Harper of Seastyle Diving encountered the seal whilst snorkelling: “The seal suddenly appeared with this plastic wrap around it. Luckily I managed to coax it off and stuff it in my pocket. The seal was acting like it was a toy!” 


Beccy MacDonald, the Lundy Warden said: “Normally we would discourage anyone from having direct physical contact with the seals; however on this occasion Lesley did a wonderful thing and helped this curious youngster. If Lesley had not removed the plastic ring, the ending may have been very different particularly if the seal had been unable to break free. “ Unfortunately, there are a number of seals around the North Devon coast, and across the UK, who carry the scars of passed entanglements. Many of these scars are found around their necks as curious seals have a tendency to play with rubbish, particularly nets, within which they become ensnared. Regular beach cleans and underwater clean ups can reduce the chances of marine mammals coming into contact with potentially harmful rubbish. If you would like to get involved take a look at the Surfers Against Sewage and Marine Conservation Marine Conservation Society websites for details of their beach clean events in your area.


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Seal with plastic ring