Latest Lundy stamps

Famed for its puffins, Lundy is a magnet for both birds and birdwatchers as well as being one of the most important islands for seabirds in England. Today, some 35 species regularly breed on the island and historically, 70 different species are known to have raised chicks on Lundy. We are celebrating our rich variety of birds with our latest stamp issue on May 13 2017.

Produced by Cartor Security Printing, Meaucé, France, the new issue comprises five stamps, three landscape and two portrait, beautifully designed by North Devon artist Sharon Read in collaboration with our philatelic adviser, Lars Liwendahl. The featured birds and denominations are:

30 puffin          Water Rail                      Rallus aquaticus

55 puffin          Wheatear                       Oenanthe oenanthe

70 puffin          Puffin                              Fratercula arctica

125 puffin        Manx Shearwater         Puffinus puffinus

200 puffin        Peregrine Falcon           Falco peregrinus

The date of issue for the new set is 13 May 2017.

Derek Green, Lundy General Manager said

“Lundy operates the oldest private postal service in the world and since 1929, almost 350 different sets have been issued, some becoming very rare. The currency unit for Lundy stamps are “Puffins”, which equates to the British Penny and dates back to the days when puffins were in fact used as currency on Lundy”

Lars Liwendahl who advises the island on stamp issues said

“Lundy has the oldest operational private postal service in the world and international collectors always eagerly await a new issue of Lundy stamps, these beautiful new images will further enhance Lundy’s worldwide reputation.”

 Lundy stamps can be ordered by writing to:

Lundy Postal Service, Lundy, Bristol Channel, Bideford, EX39 2LY