The Landmark Trust is a charity that rescues important buildings that would otherwise be lost. We carefully restore such ‘Landmarks’ and offer them a vibrant future by making them available for self-catering holidays. Calverley Old Hall is one of nearly 200 buildings in our care.

Located between Leeds and Bradford in the village of Calverley, the Old Hall has existed in some form since the late 12th century, reaching the height of its status and form by the mid-17th century. It is a highly evolved site: the main elements are a two-storey, largely 14th-century Solar Block; a late 15th-century Great Hall and Chapel; an early 16th-century Parlour Block, and a 17th century Lodging Block. After 1665, when the Calverley family vacated the site, it was adapted into multiple, lesser status uses.

Landmark bought the site in 1981, and converted part of it into holiday accommodation, later restoring the Chapel and weather-proofing of the Great Hall and Solar. But Calverley Old Hall represents unfinished business for Landmark. Over the years, we have examined various options to bring the site back in to full and sustainable use, but none have come to fruition. We have renewed our commitment to finding a financially sustainable, holistically approached mixed-use solution that both conserves, and internally transforms, this highly significant building.

We're looking for a world-class multidisciplinary design team to work with us on this opportunity to revitalise the entire site.

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