Competition brief

Over the past 50 years, the Landmark Trust has completed a wide range of award-winning restoration projects. Astley Castle won the 2013 RIBA Stirling Prize for Architecture, with modern architecture stitched into its ancient fabric. Belmont House was restored using rare traditional craft skills to win the Georgian Group’s Best Restoration in an Urban Setting in 2015.

Calverley Old Hall is a complex site, having evolved structurally each century since the late-12th century. We were looking for an innovative architect with a track-record of high quality work to develop a full programme of conservation, repair and conversion.

The existing Landmark Trust holiday accommodation will be closed in a few years' time and the entire site will be developed for mixed use with Landmark Trust holiday accommodation at its core. The Hall’s most thrilling spaces will be transformed by a creatively devised scheme for Landmark holiday accommodation, alongside partnership uses in other parts of the grouping that might include short term assured tenancy and community space.

Internally we want to prioritise recovering the volume the hall reached when most developed as a late-medieval manor house.  We are open-minded on whether a contemporary or historicist approach is taken for the scheme as a whole but wish to avoid explicit restoration. The historic fabric is to be repaired using the highest conservation standards.

We anticipate that the construction costs will be in the region of £2.3 million.

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