Landmark red

Great care goes into the presentation of Landmarks, ensuring they offer a flavour of the building's history and a welcome retreat from our sometimes-turbulent world. Decoration is, in each case, guided by original fabric, sometimes with specially mixed paint colours to match surviving fragments.

twelve-objects-causeway-house-carousel-600x400.jpgCauseway House in Northumberland.

We have a partnership with Craig & Rose, most recently exclusively using colours from their 1829 range at Semaphore Tower in Surrey. And just in time for Christmas, the Craig & Rose team in Dunfermline are producing a bespoke mix of the classic 'Landmark red' for the front door at Tower Hill in Pembrokeshire, which will make the finishing touch to an extensive refurbishment.

twelve-objects-landmark-red-carousel-600x400.jpgThe kitchen at Semaphore Tower in Surrey.

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