Matt and Amanda Caines

Artists at Llwyn Celyn

Matt and Amanda Caines have lived and worked together for the last 28 years. Matt designs and carves in stone, wood, marble and shed antler. Amanda creates hand stitched and bound fabric jewellery using collected ceramics, carved wood, recycled silver and objet d’art.  At Llwyn Celyn Matt and Amanda worked with our volunteers to select and sort the many found objects – doors, old timbers, rusting iron objects and fragments of pottery. Together they arranged a display which reflects the many textures and histories of the site.

As well as helping our volunteers to arrange their display in the Beast House, Matt and Amanda each produced a unique work in response to the project.  Amanda chose to create a composition made entirely from pottery shards she collected on the site, whilst Matt created an abstract arrangement of domestic and thrown away ephemera, presenting them as sculptural objects.