Visits by appointment

Old Campden House, Gloucestershire

It may be possible to arrange a visit to the following Landmarks:

        Anderton House, Devon

        The Bath House, Warwickshire

        Bath Tower, Gwynedd

        Castle of Park, Dumfries and Galloway

        Clavell Tower, Dorset

        Clytha Castle, Monmouthshire

        Collegehill House, Roslin, near Edinburgh

        Dolbelydr, Denbighshire

        Freston Tower, Suffolk

        Glenmalloch Lodge, Dumfries & Galloway

        The Grange, Kent

        Keeper's Cottage, Old Warden

        Langley Gatehouse, Shropshire

        Martello Tower, Suffolk

        Old Campden House - East Banqueting House, Gloucestershire

        Old Campden House - West Banqueting House, Gloucestershire

        The Pineapple, Central Scotland

        Queen Anne's Summerhouse, Bedfordshire

        Robin Hood's Hut, Somerset

        The Ruin, North Yorkshire

      The Warren House, Cambridgeshire

For more information please contact the Booking Office, alternatively, if you would like to visit any of the buildings please email the Booking Manager to arrange a mutually convenient visiting time.