Ed Kluz

Ed Kluz is an artist, illustrator and printmaker. He has a particular interest in the eccentric, uncanny and overlooked – follies, lost country houses and ruins provide a constant source of inspiration.

Ed Kluz is an artist, illustrator and printmaker. His work explores contemporary perceptions of the past through the reimagining of historic landscapes, buildings and objects. The ideas of early Romanticism, the Picturesque movement and antiquarian representations of topography and architecture underpin his approach to image making. 

As a designer and illustrator Ed has received commissions from the V&A, Faber, Folio Society, John Murray publishers, Little Toller Books and St Jude's fabrics. Ed was born in 1980 and grew up in Swaledale, North Yorkshire. He studied fine art at the Winchester School of Art between 1999 - 2002. He now lives in East Sussex.

"I've been fascinated by the Landmark Trust and the buildings in their care since happening upon a copy of the handbook many years ago. The Trust and its important work have preserved a rare family of buildings - among them gatehouses, garden temples, bathhouses, eye-catchers, watchtowers, castles - all are fragments and vestiges of the past. However so many could have been lost forever and passed into memory had it not been for their meticulous restoration and revival. To see windows reglazed and roofs raised from ruin is a thrilling sight, however the life of the buildings are only completely fulfilled by the presence of those lucky enough to stay within their walls. I've created many images of Landmark Trust buildings over the years. Most recently I've been engaged in researching and depicting the great early 17th century house which once stood between the Banqueting Houses at Chipping Campden. Other buildings I've represented include the Dunmore Pineapple, the Library at Stevenstone and the Banqueting House at Gibside."

Studio Photo credit: Jamie Harris