Waterways and wellness

June 2019

What does taking time out mean to you? These days in such a fast-paced world it can feel like a luxury to take a moment, be it a minute or a few days to just spend some time on yourself. Often more concerned with taking care of others or giving everything to your work environment, taking care of yourself needn’t be a massive challenge. 

Here at Landmark, we are proud to provide over 200 historical buildings which were once significantly at risk. To be able to turn these buildings into well-loved getaways is a real privilege and the fact that our buildings offer a sense of retreat and escape for our guests is an even bigger bonus. We pour love, skill and time into our Landmarks, taking on challenges and solving problems, to provide little pockets of calm around the country, offering something different for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you choose to stay in one of our cottages or follies, castles or farmhouses, there is something uniquely soothing about being beside water. The Canal and Riverways Trust share the same opinion and believe that life is better by water. Enjoy the babbling of a brook or the rushing sound of the waves from just a few of the Landmarks we love, below:

Frenchman’s Creek, Cornwall

This Landmark in Cornwall is tucked away down the head of the Frenchman's Creek on the Helford River. Surrounded by rich woodland, some people may feel restored by the power of nature, sitting outside, visiting the creek and enjoying the sound of running water.

Luttrell's Tower, Southampton

Set just back from the shores of the Solent, this Landmark can sleep up to four people and is close to the New Forest. The coastline is perfect for walking and there are many places to settle down for a picnic. You can wave at passing ships from the Tower’s roof and imagine how it would have felt to watch the Titanic sail past. There is direct access to the beach down a tunnel once said to have been used by smugglers...

Lengthsman's Cottage, Lowsonford

Heading over to the Midlands, there is Lengthsman’s Cottage. Canals are such special places and at Lengthsman’s you are right beside the canal. Sit and watch the canal boats gently float past your window or take a lovely stroll and enjoy the beauty of Britain’s beautiful waterways.

We hope that a Landmark stay offers you a sense of peace, whether you stay for a day or a week. Not only for the physical restoration, but we truly hope that the experience will stay with you forever.