Seven Landmarks under three hours from Glasgow

Continuing our series of Landmarks within easy reach from major UK cities, we’ve chosen a handful of special Landmarks that are less than a three-hour drive from Glasgow.

For further inspiration, browse all our Scottish Landmarks, or all those in northern England. Read our previous blogs on historic escapes within easy reach of Leeds, or London, and look out for our next instalment coming soon.

The Mackintosh Building

Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh at the time he was doing his very best work, the delightful Mackintosh Building sits in the heart of Comrie, Perthshire. Only a short drive from Perth or Stirling, Comrie is a typical highland town, with a whitewashed church and a small square – on the corner of which stands this distinguished, surprising building.

The light and airy first floor flat retains much characteristic Mackintosh detailing. The comfortable sitting room runs unto the projecting turret, or tourelle, which Mackintosh added to the outer angle of the building in a nod towards Scottish Baronial architecture. From these spacious rooms you can soak in views of the River Earn and wooded hills beyond.

One hour five minutes from Glasgow. Sleeps 4.
Four nights from £221, equivalent to less than £14 per person per night.

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Tangy Mill

Recently upgraded with a new heating system, brand new bathroom and new double bedroom, Tangy Mill on the Mull of Kintyre is one of our most remote and atmospheric Landmarks.

The whitewashed 19th-century watermill still retains the dressing, drying, hoisting and grinding machinery, the stones and shuts and the backshot wheel of its former life – and you live and sleep amongst it. Perched on the bank of the fast flowing burn, the nearby coastline, mountains and lochs may at times be weathered and wild but are always majestic.

Three hours from Glasgow. Sleeps 6.
Four nights from £346, equivalent to less than £15 per person per night.

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Castle of Park

Built in 1590 and improved in the 18th century, Castle of Park’s deceptively austere exterior hides light and spacious rooms. Living within these walls gives a very different impression of the life of a Jacobean laird from the stony shells of so many less fortunate and abandoned towers in Scotland today.

After standing empty for over a century, our sensitive restoration created comfortable living spaces – a fine fireplace survives in the 30 foot long hall, which can now be admired from our signature snug linen covered armchairs. A house perfect for games of hide and seek, a favourite spot is the little room at the top of the wide main stair, situated in its own tower, from which you can glimpse the sea.

Two hours ten minutes from Glasgow. Sleeps 7.
Four nights from £401, equivalent to less than £15 per person per night

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Causeway House

Recently recommended by The Guardian for a winter weekend away, Causeway House is the only house in Northumberland still thatched with heather. Situated on a Roman road on the edge of the Northumberland National Park and near Hadrian’s Wall, this little cottage is full of history. Built in 1770, the original arrangement of living room on one side of the cross-wall and byre for cattle on the other, with a loft above, survives. The loft is now a warm-weather twin bedroom, where you fall sleep admiring the knotted tent-like thatch in canopied four post beds.

Two hours five minutes from Glasgow. Sleeps 2+2.
Four nights from £230, equivalent to less than £15 per person per night

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Rosslyn Castle

Set among the imposing ruins of 14th-century fortifications, the present Rosslyn Castle dates to 1622. A most dramatic Landmark, the Castle is implausibly perched on the edge of a river gorge - the ancient woodland Roslin Glen - and is just a short walk away from the famous Rosslyn Chapel.

The Castle, reached along narrow lanes and by crossing a stone bridge, is a comfortable house with elegant panelled rooms, a fine moulded plaster ceiling in the sitting room and views of the treetops from every room. There is a sense of drama about the site - on one side it is a two storey building, on the other it drops five storeys down the side of the rock to reach the ground 60 feet below.

Just over seven miles from the centre of Edinburgh (with regular bus services into town), it is possible to, in one weekend, enjoy long walks and country pursuits along the picturesque valley and take in the highlights of the Scottish capital. All by public transport.

One hour from Glasgow. Sleeps 6.
Four nights from £528, equivalent to £22 per person per night

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Coop House

Without a roof when Landmark first took it on, 18th-century Coop House near Carlisle is atmospherically perched on the edge of the River Esk. It stands on a high unfenced platform which once was at the end of a stone weir, in front of which coops (or traps) where set to catch salmon. While the weir was a practical improvement introduced by a progressive landowner, Coop House itself was – and remains – likely built simply as an ornament in the landscape, a summerhouse from which to enjoy fine views of the river. From cosy comfort of the polygonal main room with three large windows, you can enjoy babbling river whatever the weather.

One hour 40 minutes from Glasgow. Sleeps 3.
Four nights from £283, equivalent to less than £24 per person per night

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The Pineapple

An eccentric 18th-century summerhouse built in the shape of an exotic fruit, The Pineapple is one of our most iconic Landmarks. Began in 1761 as a one storey pavilion, the fruity dome was added after 1777 by Lord Dunmore on his return from serving as Governor of Virginia.

You live in simple rooms either side of the grand dome, venturing outside to get from one side to another, which were once stone bothies lived in by gardeners. Built of the very finest masonry, the summerhouse presides over an immense walled garden open to the public and run by the National Trust for Scotland – though a more secluded, private garden behind the prickly building awaits you as well.

45 minutes from Glasgow. Sleeps 4.
Four nights from £248, equivalent to less than £16 per person per night

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