Landmark and Diversity

‘It’s up to all of us to make the changes we want to see’.

Landmark’s buildings and spaces are for everyone. By definition, our buildings are rooted in British history, and we acknowledge that some, therefore, reflect our shameful periods as well as moments of celebration and humanity. We strive to be honest and objective in our presentation of them all, and to explore their complex histories in depth through our research, publications and History Albums. We have set ourselves an ongoing call to action, a call to listen, to pose ourselves searching questions and to reflect on how The Landmark Trust can reach out more effectively to Black people and other people of colour. We strongly believe that no one should suffer hurt or exclusion because of the colour of their skin.

We reject racism, social injustice and violence in any form. We endeavour to make sure that our buildings are for everyone’s joy and delight, and to ensure that we hurt no one in how we share them and present their history. We know we must work even harder to use the shared multicultural history embodied in our buildings as a way to bring together everyone living in Britain today, and we welcome suggestions on how to help us do that, at [email protected].

We are looking for ways to actively encourage more people of colour to access our free stays schemes. Our annual 50 for Free scheme gives away 50 free stays to the beneficiaries of other charities, including the African Caribbean Community Initiative, pictured above. Landmark Futures exists to give small groups from universities and colleges time away to research and discuss ways to advance society, to make it more inclusive, just and tolerant.

We are a small and dispersed organisation, and we are aware that, like others in our sector, we do not adequately represent all ethnicities in our workforce. We are doing our best to remedy that

We’re all a part of history, and it’s up to all of us to make the changes we want to see. We are open to learning and cultivating ways that Landmark can engage with the historic moment and movement that we are all living through, as well as preserving our existing history.


KRAN (Kent Refugee Action Network) enjoying Sackville House on one of our 50 for Free stays.